Bored? Why not tie something? Here is a step by step for a Cruncher, a modern reservoir pattern that is a must have when there are hatching buzzers about. A competition anglers favourite and often on my middle dropper. Instructions attached to each photograph. Most of our members should have the basic materials for this fly.
Hook:- Size 10 Fulling mill competition heavyweight
Rib:- Fine silver wire
Tail:- Cock pheasant centre tail fibres
Body:- Cock pheasant centre tail fibres
Thorax:- Peacock herl
Hackle:- Whiting Brahma hen dyed golden olive.
Step 1 Lay down a bed of silk and tie in the wire rib along the length of the hook to create a smooth underbody.
Step 2 Tie in the tail with just a couple of wraps of thread.
Step 3 Wrap the butt ends of the tail fibres to form the body and secure.
Step 4 Wrap the rib in open turns. This rib has been wound in the opposite direction to the body material to make it stand out more and increase durability of the fly. Cut off waste ends
Step 5 Tie in two or three strands of peacock herl and wrap a neat thorax. Avoid handling the part of the herl that is going to be wrapped as it makes for a neater thorax. Secure and remove waste ends
Step 6 Tie in and wrap two full turns of the hackle feather.
Step 7 Form a neat head and whip finish.
Options, This fly is very versatile and can be adapted to cover many different situations. Changing the body colour, the thorax material and the rib are just a few things you can do. Some options are shown here:
Nemo Cruncher:- add a red tinsel or holographic rib. Pull two strands through the hackle to form cheeks
Gold UV Cruncher :- Add a thorax of Gold and black “UV” micro fritz
Silver Tinsel Cruncher:- Silver fritz and a much lighter hackle (Silver doesn’t show up well in the photo, sorry)
Hot spot cruncher:- Red Glo-brite floss as a thorax. This fly caught me a 7lb grown on fish at Bewl a couple of years ago.