The Executive Committee is responsible for the general management of the Guild, as provided by the Constitution and Rules. The table below sets out the names, positions and contact details of the various people working on behalf of Guild members.

We are always keen to hear from members, be it suggestions, praise or criticism – if you don’t tell us what you think, we won’t necessarily think of it ourselves! However … do bear in mind that Committee members are volunteers (mostly with full time jobs and families), who aim to resolve problems not create them, and who also human therefore prone to bleeding when pricked or stabbed … So please do try to be objective and constructive in your approach, and we undertake to do the same.

PositionNameClick for email
Vice ChairmanCharles
Membership SecretaryDavid
Editor Flydresser MagazineCaroline
Marketing ManagerChris  
Merchandising ManagerCaroline
Fishing Competitions SecretaryLee 
Guild Fly Tying Awards
and Guild Fly Tying Competitions
Content ManagerMalcolm
Webmaster and Content