All of the fly patterns for this year’s Fly Tying Competition have been taken from relatively recent editions of the Fly Dresser magazine or from our Chairman, Peter Gathercole’s book “The Fly Tying Bible”. Where the patterns have come from the Fly Dresser, copies of the relevant articles have been posted on the Guild’s website site. I have tried to avoid difficult to source materials as much as possible. In case of difficulty obtaining any materials, guidance on suitable substitutes can be sought from the Awards Manager.

For the last several years we have had very few entries for the Novice-Salmon category. We are keen for more newcomers to our craft to engage with the Tying Competition and have therefore decided to substitute this category with a Novice-Lure category in the hope that this will appeal to more of our less experienced members.

The FDG will provide a trophy and certificate to all winners and Veniard have again kindly agreed to support the competition by providing a prize for the winning entry for each category (one prize per person, regardless of the number of categories won). Runner-Ups will receive a certificate. As ever, we are grateful to Veniard for their generous support, and to our Chairman Peter Gathercole for agreeing to judge the competition.


Competition Categories and Flies

Novice TroutThe Demoiselle
Novice LureHumongous
Open TroutSilver Dabbler
Open SalmonModern Medicine Fly
Prize Winners TroutCdC Para-Weld Quill Mayfly
Prize Winners SalmonThe Hydro Fly
Dry FlyStimulator
Creative FlyA paraloop-style Mayfly emerger


How to Enter

A brief overview of how to enter is set out below. Please read the full rules and follow the instructions carefully!

  • To take part, you must submit three identical samples (tied by yourself) of the fly for the category or categories you wish to enter, placed in a suitable clean container (one per category) labelled only with your membership number.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a duly completed entry form (one form per category).
  • Entries must be received by the FDG Awards Manager by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday 23rd March 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • The Novice Trout and Novice Lure categories are open to tyers who have been tying for less than two years and who have not won a prize in a previous FDG or other national competitions.
  • The Open Trout and Salmon categories are for all tyers who have been tying for two years or more and who have not won or been a runner up in an FDG competition in the relevant category.
  • The Prize Winners categories are only for tyers who have previously won or been a runner up in the corresponding Open category.
  • The Dry Fly and Creative categories are open to all FDG members.
  • Winners of multiple categories will only receive one prize.

The full rules and entry form can be found in the Fly-Tying Competition section on the FDG website or obtained by sending an s.a.e. to Dave Taylor, FDG Awards Manager, 14 Boundstone Road, Wrecclesham, FARNHAM, GU10 4TQ. All entries should also be sent to this address.


Flies and Dressings

Novice Trout – The Demoiselle
Summer 2019 pages, 14-16

Click here for tying instructions

Hook: 2XL Nymph, #12 (Kamasan B200, or similar)
Bead: Gold brass, 3mm
Thread: Olive
Tail: Green or Dark Olive pheasant tail fibres
Rib: Gold wire, medium
Body: SLF Dubbing or similar, light olive or golden olive
Thorax: Ice Dub dubbing, caddis green, or similar
Hackle: Partridge neck feather, dyed yellow


Open Trout – Silver Dabbler
Winter 2019, page 27-31

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Hook: Wet fly, #10
Thread: Red
Tail: Bronze mallard fibres
Rib: Silver wire, medium
Body: Claret seal’s fur over-ribbed with flat silver tinsel
Body Hackle: Ginger cock hackle
Wing:Bronze mallard, cloaked


Prize Winners Trout – CdC Para-Weld Quill Mayfly
Spring 2018, pages 24-32

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Hook: Standard down-eyed dry fly, #12
Thread: Dyneema or GSP, white
Tail: Coq de Leon hackle fibres, Pardo
Post: Polypropylene floating yarn, yellow or orange
Body: Stripped peacock herl quill, natural
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Two long CdC hackles, natural & light olive


Novice Lure – Humongous
Autumn 2017, pages 32-33

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Hook: 2XL Nymph, #10 (Kamasan B830 or similar)
Thread: Black
Eyes: Silver bead-chain
Tail: Black marabou with 2-3 strands of silver tinsel
Rib: Silver wire, medium
Body: 5mm Fritz, silver
Hackle: Cock Hackle, webby grizzle


Open Salmon – Modern Medicine Fly
Winter 2016, pages 10-15

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Hook: Up-eyed Double, #8 (Partridge CS16U/2, or similar)
Thread: Fire orange, or similar
Rib: Medium silver wire
Body: Medium holographic silver flat tinsel
Wing: White arctic fox
Overwing: Pearly Crystal Flash
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Hackle: Blue dyed cock saddle hackle
Head: Fire orange, or similar


Prize Winners Salmon – The Hydro Fly
Spring 2011, pages 36-40

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Hook: Bartleet salmon single, #4 (Partridge CS16/1 or similar)
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval gold tinsel, fine
Tail: Golden pheasant topping
Butt: Red wool dubbing
Rib: Oval silver tinsel, medium
Body: Blue flat tinsel
Throat Hackle: Orange hen hackle and well marked guinea fowl
Wing: Grey squirrel tail
Overwing: Grey squirrel tail, dyed blue
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Black


Dry Fly – Stimulator
Peter Gathercole’s “Fly Tying Bible”, pages 68-69

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Hook: 3XL nymph, #12 (Kamasan B200, or similar)
Thread: Red
Tail: Natural elk hair
Body Hackle: Furnace cock saddle hackle
Body: Yellow Antron dubbing, or similar
Wing: Natural elk hair
Thorax: Amber Antron dubbing, or similar
Hackle: Grizzle cock hackle, palmered through thorax


Creative Fly
Paraloop-style Mayfly emerger


If you would like to improve the consistency of your flies, and/or are tying flies for a competition, make sure you read Tim Benn’s “Prizes and Surprises” article, published in the Winter 2012 issue of Flydresser and available as an extract here.

Rules and entry form:

Fly Tying competition Rules 2020-21

Fly Tying Competition Entry Form 2020-21