The Guild has just over 30 branches across the UK at the moment, which operate separately from the main Guild but are affiliated to it. Branches organise their own programmes, tailored to the interests of their members. Events typically include some or all of:

talks on fly tying and related matters by well-known experts on the subject;

fly tying evenings;

fishing competitions; and

social outings which may appeal to other halves as well.

The Guild encourages members to join a local branch and take part in their programme of activities.

A few testimonials from members who have done so:

“For anyone who is not aware, I would like to say that the local branches of the Fly Dressers’ Guild are by far the most effective way to learn about fly tying. In the 10 years or so since I started, I would have learned only the smallest fraction but for joining our branch” (“Mudskipper”, The Fly Dressers’ Guild forum)

“This is the best way to learn fly tying – and we do have a laugh too!!!!” (“fedmof1”, The Fly Dressers’ Guild forum)

Please note the branches operate independently and are run by their own committees. They may charge an additional fee for membership to support their programme of activities.

Find your local branch

See where your closest branch meets on this map.

For further details on when branches meet and how to get in touch with them, and their website addresses where available, please click on the appropriate link below:

Branches in England

Branches in Northern Ireland

Branches in Scotland

Branches in Wales

You can also check out our Guild Events and Branch News pages for details of any shows that your local branch is taking part in, or news on your Branch.

No branch in your area?

We appreciate that there are quite a few “desert areas” across the country. If there isn’t a branch in your area and you would be interested in forming one – or perhaps start by meeting up informally with other local members of the Guild – we would be delighted to support you. So please do get in touch with the General Secretary on to talk about how to take your plans further.

You may also wish to read through these guidelines, which cover the considerations and processes required to create a new branch of the Guild.